The X-ray technology for quality control in the food industry, this superior inspection method has grown in importance and gained its position as the leading food safety solution. 
Primary packaging X-ray inspection has lifted Critical Control Points to become a key part of the overall supply chain traceability that starts all the way from raw material and ends with consumers buying the products.  

It’s commonly known that X-ray systems are able to detect also non-metallic contaminants, but when the inspection is performed with individually packaged products, X-ray can offer tremendous value in terms of overall quality control (such as headspace and sealing inspection) and traceability. This reduces the number of reclamations and provides safe and high-quality products to consumers. 

Also, when it becomes necessary to obtain new local or global quality and safety certifications (e.g. HACCP, HARCP, FSMA or BRC), in-line X-ray inspection systems meet and exceed the set requirements for any regulations. Implementing X-ray inspection gives you versatility to enter new markets, comply with any standards and change packaging material, without limitations.